Thursday, November 24, 2011

A private garden in Wales

Imagine waking to this view
I've been inspired to take a backward look by Barry Parker's posts, sharing his trip to many wonderful Welsh gardens this past September. These include, by coincidence, the Cowbridge Physic Garden and the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Barry reminded me of our UK trip in 2008, including a visit to Bodnant Gardens (a few photos here; I'll try to add more). Then I remembered my cousin's garden.

She is definitely a real person, and hers is definitely a real garden – and an inspiring one, too. A few miles from Prestatyn in North Wales, it's gifted with a great setting. But the design is all her own.

View from the upper garden, down the steeply sloped property

From the roadway, coral roses spill through deep purple lavender
The gravel terrace includes strategically placed lavender seedlings. On the wall are 'Penny Lane' roses, her favourite.
As you drool over this bucolic view from the upper terrace, remember: sheep can be noisy.
My cousin's deft hand with colour is evident in this monochromatic planter
Climbers and spillers soften the stone steps
Feline helper Pepi oversees it all
It's set amongst the rolling hills of North Wales
Within minutes of the North [Ed: Oops, no, it's the Irish] Sea


  1. Thanks for this beautiful glimpse of a lovely garden in the Welsh countryside! Love the deep color of that lavender.

  2. that top photo - WOW.
    Amazing garden!

  3. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for sharing this. Gardening is obviously in your families genes.
    My Welsh travel posts are almost coming to an end, except for one more on the plants at the NatBot.

  4. Maybe the sea view is of the Irish Sea, the North Sea is on the other side of the country!

    1. Sandra, you've uncovered my ignorance of oceanography! I'll change it, thanks.


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