Monday, November 05, 2012

Art In The Garden, This Time With Sticks

Sculpture Installation "Stooks and Punes" by Gary Smith at Toronto Botanical Garden

This fantastic piece of sculpture at the Toronto Botanical Garden stopped me in my tracks this fall. It delighted by pressing all of my fave Tim Burton-y, Dr Suess-y buttons: it intrigues, plus makes me laugh, a little bit. It's just plain fun. These pointy tree-like shapes are made from twigs that could have gone into the compost pile, or the chipper-shredder. The artist has lashed them into these twisty upright shapes, and set them into a group like a mini twiggy Stonehenge.

created by celebrated artist and award-winning garden designer W. Gary Smith. “Stooks and Punes” uses natural materials found exclusively on site or within the boundaries of the GTA to create lyrical, natural, yet other worldly shapes
They're really quite a presence. I love that the Toronto Botanical Gardens made room for this cool natural material sculpture.


  1. I love it! It has the look of The Hobbit about it. I'm thinking ents...

  2. I like it, though it is rather Tim Burton-ish.

  3. Erie and stark. Just right for winter suppose.


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